Volcanian The First planet from DaMarion's Star

Dex a Sandy world second planet from DaMarion's Star

Planet D a Sorta Earth Like World Third Planet from DaMarion's Star

Ion A Sorta Icy and Sorta Warm Planet Covered In Blue Organics Fourth Planet from DaMarion's Star

Astra First Moon From Ion a Cold Icy Moon With Black mountains and Dark Rock

Atom Smaller Then Astra the second moon From Ion atom Is Covered in Red organics and Dark Rock

Deptune Like Neptune in Earth system Deptune is the 5th Planet from DaMarions Star

Digi A Super Cold Rocky/icy Dwarf Planet Out Past Deptune it is the first Dwarf Planet from DaMarion's Star

Tars a Dwarf Planet With a Tar Lakes and Rivers it is the current Last Body and second Dwarf Planet from DaMarion's Star